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Light is flowing, moving, glowing,
never stopping, always going,
I am caught in endless movement
tho I sit still in my room. I twirl
and swirl to and fro and love and
love and love and love… I breathe
and live and give the love that moves me.
It is my source, my destiny,
my everything… I need nothing.
© Patricia Robinett 2010

ACIM & Knowledge

What could God give but Knowledge of Himself?

As you read A Course In Miracles, you may begin to become aware that the word “knowledge” is used quite frequently. If you begin to read it with a capital “K” and use the phrase “Knowledge of God”, then ACIM will make even more sense.

From the end of Chapter 18…

This course will lead to Knowledge, but Knowledge itself is still beyond the scope of our curriculum… The readiness for Knowledge still must be attained.

Love is not learned. Its meaning lies within itself. And learning ends when you have recognised all it is not. That is the interference; that is what needs to be undone. Love is not learned, because there never was a time in which you knew it not. Learning is useless in the Presence of your Creator, Whose acknowledgement of you and yours of Him so far transcend all learning that everything you learned is meaningless, replaced forever by the Knowledge of Love and its one meaning.

To inspire us all (including myself) toward the speedy realization of that Love, I have made a book that compares the course’s use of the word Knowledge with quotes from world scriptures throughout the ages.

Knowledge will provide you with tantalizing new insights into the course, world scriptures and religions. This book makes it very clear that Knowledge of God is your birthright.

The medium versus the message

The medium is not the message. Human language is the medium, and the message is the presence of God — beyond ideas, beyond theories, beyond imagination, beyond human language.

If, as you read quotations from scriptures, you find that they remind you of something, somewhere, long ago, something you forgot but never really left, for it never left you.

When you read words that are both beautiful and true, you breathe easier, smile or even feel tears of joy, have a sense of fullness, peace, happiness, tingling bliss — then know it is the good feeling that is the real message. That is God within you.  God is Love, God is Light, God is Spirit.

If you decide you want to pursue more of these pure, unconditional, divine, good feelings, then the scripture has accomplished its purpose. It has informed and inspired.

It is your birthright to know how to feel the divine experience all the saints have raved about, sung about, danced about. Your true nature is fully inspired and savors every breath, for each one is a gift of love from the source of all life to you.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge, The Essence of World Scriptures, is a book in a class all its own. It stands head and shoulders above any other scriptural anthology. It points at the very core of every spiritual tradition and reveals its purest intention.

Knowledge does not view “Master comes to planet Earth” as a morality play. The great masters were not here to teach us how to be nice people. Nor were they here to teach us how to excel at worldly activities while in a body.

The great masters were here for a far greater purpose than is taught in any religion today. They were here to reveal the very essence of life to whomever sincerely wanted to know it. And that essence, as they all said, is within us.

It is because of it that we can walk and talk without being plugged into the wall. It is that essence that holds atoms together.  It is the power that pushes the stars in their orbits.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tsu, Socrates and others were here to teach eager students how to turn their senses inward to see for themselves the captivating beauty that outshines all the many incredible beauties of the life outside us.

In every one of us is a light that outshines the sun. In us is endless love. In every one of us is everlasting life. In us is the peace that passes all understanding. The beauty and love in us satisfy our deepest hungers… and the best part is, that in this world of beginnings and endings, comings and goings, what is real within us is constant, always there.

Trees and mountains and oceans and buildings and people and pets all come and go. In us is the only enduring reality. In us is life without death, love without condition, acceptance without judgment, constancy without boredom. In us is a delightfully dynamic, dancing force that makes the heart sing. In us is true inner peace, even when the world is spinning out of control. Knowing how to turn our senses inward and see, hear and feel that life force is Knowledge.

This book about Knowledge is a collection of exquisite quotes from writings throughout the ages and around the world. There is a thread that connects all great traditions, and it is this very pure universal experience.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful book every day.

About “Knowledge”, the book

There is one core issue at the root of every human problem — we have forgotten who and what we truly are. We are in a walking, talking trance. Consequently, we, often think of and treat ourselves and others inappropriately — less than lovingly, less than respectfully. We find ourselves — individually and collectively — being judgmental, afraid, rude and unkind, even to the point of genocide. Gross injustices occur simply because we have forgotten who and what we truly are.

Many of us try to be kind and loving and do the right thing by attempting to relinquish judgment and forgive our neighbors their “sins”. But there is further to go. Life is not a morality play; it is the most romantic love affair of all times – a love affair between you and Love itself. It is only when we approach our origin and source, when we begin to dip into the experience of pure and absolute love, that we discover each one of us is a profoundly powerful spiritual being and the love is truly what we are. Exposing ourselves to that purity, human judgments and fears begin to fall away of their own accord. This is why remembering who and what we are needs to be at the top of our “to do this lifetime” list and each daily agenda.

Knowledge, The Essence of World Scriptures provides valuable insight and inspiration. It reassures you that to make the beauty at the core of life real for yourself is not just a dream, but is your purpose here on planet Earth. Each master says in his own way that Heaven – Love – Truth is within you. Yet they also say you must seek for it and ask to know it. Jesus emphatically reassured his followers, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

How do you sort through the bits of glass to find the gem? How will you recognize the Truth when you find it? How will you know that you have finally found the real thing? This book lays a foundation, a very solid foundation. It equips you for success. It prepares you to recognize what you came here to find. It provides you with a discerning eye and ear. And even after you have sought and asked and found, this book will continue to inspire you to close your eyes and appreciate that beauty within, every time you pick it up. “Be still and know that I am God.”

This book is a keeper. It is unique in its field. It does not compare and contrast religious personalities and organizations, dogmas and doctrines, rites and rituals, superstitions and belief systems. It does not treat God as a football, religion as a rah-rah-rah football team, and life as a competitive football game. It does not ask you to wait for a Heaven you go to after you die. It makes it clear that Heaven is within you and that it is your birthright to live in the Heaven in your heart, now. Knowledge quotes the foundational documents of various traditions and systematically unfolds a deep understanding in your mind that God is indeed in His Heaven and is indeed within you, and all that is lacking so far to be in that Heaven within is your attention.

Don’t just read Knowledge; live with it. Let the most important and beautiful words of the ages sink deeply into your heart. Become very clear about what you are looking for. Be hungry to know it. Find the prize. Go all the way to the ongoing inner divine experience that made the saints, sages, mystics and masters bow in sincere humility and sing and dance in their joy and gratitude.

Enjoy this book. Seek and find what is at the core of every tradition. It is your birthright.


I love your book!!!   It is right here on my desk and I read parts of it often!  And use many of the quotes on FaceBook. What a blessing it has been along the journey!  I’m so grateful that our paths crossed!!! – Deb

I’d love to get your book! Our daughter loves it! – Reverend CJ

I love having all these amazing quotes in one beautiful book. It’s a treasure chest of wisdom! – Rick Gsell

The Kingdom of God is within. I heard that my whole life and had no idea what ‘within’ meant. I even had a picture of Jesus on my refrigerator, His blue robe parted, serenely gazing, halo shining, and pointing at his flaming heart. I didn’t get it. I needed someone to help me sense the terrain of within. Through her own experience, supported by delicious scripture and poetry from many personalities, times and places, Patricia Robinett supports us to make our own connection to the divine, within. – Katie Jane Wennechuk Thomas, author of Making Divorce Work

What a marvelous contribution to the Sonship. Since I come from a Christian background I really appreciated revisiting some old friends (scriptures you used)in an extended light. Also the scriptures from other sources really point to the fact that God has been speaking at all times to those who choose to listen. Please let me know when you expect to release your next two volumes. Bless your day! – Scott Snider, International Business Analyst

Your book is filled with my favorite passages. It’s very inspiring and life-transforming. I felt truly expanded as I read it. Thank you for bringing this material together in such a creative way. It’s a wonderful compendium of the greatest life-affirming truths. Many blessings! – Marilyn Gordon, author of The Wise Mind

I am so blessed and so overwhelmed that I just had to call and let you know… I’ve been looking for this book for a million years — I’ve been looking for these words in one place. Your words and who you are just changed our lives for the better and i can’t thank you enough. – Kristi Stutt, Health Coach

This beautiful book captures the wisdom of the sages throughout time. It reminds us of who we are and helps us heal from the heartache of forgetting. Robinett’s masterpiece is a true gift to help humanity in a time of fear and struggle. This book is a treasure! — Barye Bluth, MS, Addiction Therapist

Well done Patricia, your message is profound! – Mike Hoffman, author of Dawn is Streaking Red : Patterns of Perception, Emotion and Language

This book will surely provide comfort to those who have been wounded by traditional religion… like a spiritual oasis in the desert. – Ava Rosenblum, Ph.D.

This is a book you will truly love. It will inspire you for years.

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Appreciation, gratitude

“Only appreciation is an appropriate response to your brother. Gratitude is due him for both his loving thoughts and his appeals for help, for both are capable of bringing love into your awareness if you perceive them truly. And all your sense of strain comes from your attempts not to do just this. How simple, then, is God’s plan for salvation. There is but one response to reality, for reality evokes no conflict at all. There is but one Teacher of reality, Who understands what it is. He does not change His Mind about reality because reality does not change. Although your interpretations of reality are meaningless in your divided state, His remain consistently true. He gives them to you because they are for you. Do not attempt to “help” a brother in your way, for you cannot help yourself. But hear his call for the Help of God, and you will recognise your own need for the Father.” – ACIM

Looking for Love in all the wrong places…

What if you have been sold a bill of goods, a false idea of what love is and how to get it? Naturally, you want to feel that wonderfully delicious feeling, but it doesn’t always come dependably from the sources you expect. And that can hurt.

Love seems to be so elusive in our world. Why? Could it be that we are looking for love in all the wrong places? What is love and where to find it? What if you looked inside and found it waiting patiently for you? Who are you, after all – and what are you doing here on planet Earth? Are you here to be a beggar for love?

What does this line mean: “And God said, Let us make man in our own image and likeness”? And where should the emphasis be in the line, “God is Love”?

Could it be that you were made in the image and likeness of God, which is Love, which is Light, which is Life Everlasting? What is that force that breathes the body you are temporarily inhabiting while you are on planet Earth? What kind of love is it that gives you life? Is it true that the word Spirit mean breath? Why did Jesus say that the Kingdom of God is within? How did we ever forget?

You were created by Love Itself, made of Love Itself and you are Love – whether you are temporarily playing on planet earth – fully equipped with a beautiful body – or tumbling about freely in an endless expanse, in the form of pure energy moving through space – or wafting gently over the face of the waters.

If “The Kingdom of God is within you”, that’s nice, but how do you get there? How do you go within? Jesus said, “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” He knew how to go within and he was teaching others. And it is absolutely true that you too can know the Love and power and wisdom that made you in the beginning – the big Love.

There is a little trick to it, for you must be very calm and still and focused and also know where to look – and this particular adventure is not your usual TV programming. But the beauty is that once you learn how, you can tap into the source of Divine Love within whenever you wish, because it is always there – in you, around about you, filling you. If when you turn a bit of your attention very precisely to it, you become aware of it and it fills you up. And that’s where the amazing Divine romance, Divine Love occurs – in that quiet, still, empty, aware place.

The world promises you happiness through its glittering, sparkling gifts in the form of everything physical – certain people, places and things  And yet following empty promises, you naturally feel empty and alone in a very deep way. They have yet to announce on your television that you contain all the happiness, fulfillment, love, peace and joy that you could ever wish for, independent of the physical trinkets of the world. They don’t tell you that you can experience all the beauty that you are made of – and that it will bowl you over.

Love is your birthright. Love is what you are. Yet as long as you are unaware of the treasure you contain, you are not feeling your heavenly birthright and may be grieving the loss of it. What good is it to have a trillion dollars in a safety deposit box if you don’t know you have it? What good is it if you don’t know that you can have the key, just by asking? If you are unaware, ignore and neglect the wealth of Love you have within you, then you will feel poor in Love because you won’t be feeling it. Without Love, you will suffer – and everyone else around you will suffer due to your suffering – for unaware of Love, anyone can feel as dry and as empty as a fish out of water and can become very cranky, irritable, fearful, sad, angry, depressed, lonely – and even die for lack of Love. Something in you longs for the beauty you knew before you entered the body. Fortunately it lies in your heart, nearer to you than your breath.

And when you learn to pay close attention to the ocean of Love within, immerse yourself in it and soak it up, then you overflow with Love. Feeling Love in your heart is no longer dependent on people, places and things that come and go. Instead, you know Love as something very real and truly true – constant, absolutely loyal, forever with you, always kind – lasting Love that you have ready access to, always. Knowing the Love that is always there takes the desperation out of human love and restores the wisdom in your choices. At long last you can discern between Divine Love and human love. Relationships are put in their proper places.

The very fact that people, places and things have beginnings and endings makes our love affairs with them temporary, fearful and unsustainable. Externals are not the source of our good feelings, like all the advertisements claim. But the beauty of the world can be held dear and every human relationship can become a precious opportunity for those who make the endless, limitless, unconditional Love within, the touchstone, the top priority. Now, together, we can extend that high quality of Love to one another and celebrate together our common good fortune. Now we are content. Now we are fulfilled.

Demonstration by Mary Baker Eddy

MBE with white hairSomething that I find goes quite well with A Course in Miracles, is Mary Baker Eddy’s work. The Christian Science Church is based on her text, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. The two books fit together and each helps make sense of the other.

In Christian Science Reading Rooms all over the world, you can find thousands of testimonials validating the type of healing work in Christian Science – and the potential of ACIM.

I highly recommend a visit to a reading room for every serious ACIM student.

This is a sweet little essay Mrs. Eddy wrote explaining the secret of healing…

Search online for Demonstration by Mary Baker Eddy. We can learn much about healing from people who have studied the subject all their lives.

You – yes, YOU – are your own best healer!

You, my friend, are your own best healer because you live in your body and know what foods you eat, what movements you make, what thoughts, feelings and attitudes you usually indulge in.

Start now, if you haven’t already begun – learn everything you can about health and healing. We can coach you, if you wish. Taking care of your body is not only fun and empowering — it will also save your life and life savings.

To keep your body and mind in a healthy chemical balance, do not study medical books, but nutritional healing books… books on natural foods, vitamins, minerals (throw out your free-flowing sodium chloride and use only full-spectrum salt), cleansing, food combining, the acid-alkalinity balance, and herbs.

Study exercise systems like yoga and Feldenkrais — movement systems that help keep your spine aligned. Study books about acupressure points that stimulate the lymph and nervous systems. Go to YouTube and find videos about EFT — emotional freedom technique — to keep your mind and emotions flowing in a healthy way.

Learn all you can about birth. There’s no need to think of a natural bodily process as a medical emergency.  Animals don’t go to hospitals to have babies — and they seem to do quite well without intrusive tests, labor induction and surgery. Wild animal babies are not subjected to premature cord clamping and cutting, circumcision and manufactured baby formulas. Animals in the wild eat simple, natural, raw foods and not usually more than they need to stay alive. Only in captivity do animals eat cooked foods — and get human diseases.

Do research on the Internet concerning your specific complaints and what natural remedies — foods, herbs, exercises, sunshine, etc — have been found helpful for your condition. Get a copy of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Body and see what thought patterns correlate with your (and your family members’ & friends’) physical conditions and think back through the years… do her ideas ring true to you? Read the stories of people who have successfully overcome specific diseases… what did they do? Read about spontaneous remissions; sometimes there’s just a little nagging thought that needs to change and people get well when they change it.

Once you learn how to take care of your precious human body, you will no longer confuse the medical industry with health. Surgery and pharmaceutical drugs are helpful when you fall down and break your leg or are in an auto accident, but the fact is, medical schools teach only disease and pathology, not how to attain vibrant, radiant health.

You want health. You deserve to be healthy. You can be healthy. You can make a healthier body and keep your body healthy with simple methods. You only need tools, understanding.

We are happy to share a lifetime of learning with you. Contact us if you need a little help to practice letting go of fear and embracing the Love that you are. Miracles happen.

Only one thing can exist in one place at one time.
Let that one thing be the Love that you are.