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Head & shoulders above other books on scriptures…

Knowledge: The Essence of World Scriptures is now available as a paperback or kindle at here.


“You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.”


Free from fear, need, greed, terror, sorrow, grief, blame, shame, guilt, anger, rage, hatred, resentment; the urge to judge and condemn; susceptibility to manipulation; free from feeling separate — from God and heaven, from other people and from nature.


These are good questions that deserve good answers. And these are titles of chapters in the book — with the good answers you deserve.


Skeptics claim you cannot prove that God exists. Neither can you prove that love exists. But when you feel it, do you doubt its existence? Wouldn’t you like to feel the freedom that made Kabir sing and Rumi dance?


A famous drunk lost his keys in the alley but searched for them under a streetlight, because the light was better there. Why look for heaven outside? Why wait for heaven? Kabir says, In the city of death, it will be too late… Ghosts will not do it for you.


This book fast-tracks you through the process of sorting it all out. Leave behind fear, wishful thinking, crossing your fingers, supplication and superstition. Graduate to unspeakable love, reverence and awe.


Free yourself of the “heaven is for after you die” myth. This eclectic collection of world scriptures makes it clear that heaven is within you now. Knowing how to experience the heaven within you now is your birthright.


It says blind belief is not enough… it says you can know God. You will never be satisfied by anything less than Knowledge.

Knowledge: The Essence of World Scriptures is now available as an ebook here, or as an elegant paperback at CreateSpace here and  at here.

Whirling in the stillness

As waves upon my head the circling curl,
so in the sacred dance weave ye and whirl.
Dance then, O heart, a whirling circle be.
Burn in this flame — is not the candle He?

There is a way of sitting very still and being taken up into a wonderful inner whirling.

It is this inner experience, it appears, that Rumi was trying to express in all his poetry… like candles, incense, bells and gongs, stained glass windows and magnificent pillars and spires — all are merely reminiscent of a transcendent inner experience that we try to convey with physical outer expressions.  “It’s a bit like this…”

The only problem is, in the outer everything that has a beginning will have an end, and therefore all things come and go and don’t really get us where we want to be… all the way back to the beauty from which we were created.

The Real Thing, on the other hand, far exceeds our highest hopes and wishes.  We can know it but we cannot describe how beautiful Reality is, for the human mind is only a thimble to the vast ocean and cannot hold it.

To know the Forever is our birthright. Joy is grounded in what never was born and will never die, is certain, regardless of our ability to physically whirl and twirl.  What is ultimately Real is accessible even for the crippled, blind or deaf.  There is a truly universal experience that has no limits — anyone can have it all, always, regardless of personal circumstances.

Then Jesus answering said unto them,
Go your way, & tell John
what things ye have seen & heard;
how that the blind see, the lame walk,
the lepers are cleansed,
the deaf hear, the dead are raised,
to the poor the gospel is preached.

It is beyond the body.

About “Knowledge”, the book

There is one core issue at the root of every human problem — we have forgotten who and what we truly are. We are in a walking, talking trance. Consequently, we, often think of and treat ourselves and others inappropriately — less than lovingly, less than respectfully. We find ourselves — individually and collectively — being judgmental, afraid, rude and unkind, even to the point of genocide. Gross injustices occur simply because we have forgotten who and what we truly are.

Many of us try to be kind and loving and do the right thing by attempting to relinquish judgment and forgive our neighbors their “sins”. But there is further to go. Life is not a morality play; it is the most romantic love affair of all times – a love affair between you and Love itself. It is only when we approach our origin and source, when we begin to dip into the experience of pure and absolute love, that we discover each one of us is a profoundly powerful spiritual being and the love is truly what we are. Exposing ourselves to that purity, human judgments and fears begin to fall away of their own accord. This is why remembering who and what we are needs to be at the top of our “to do this lifetime” list and each daily agenda.

Knowledge, The Essence of World Scriptures provides valuable insight and inspiration. It reassures you that to make the beauty at the core of life real for yourself is not just a dream, but is your purpose here on planet Earth. Each master says in his own way that Heaven – Love – Truth is within you. Yet they also say you must seek for it and ask to know it. Jesus emphatically reassured his followers, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

How do you sort through the bits of glass to find the gem? How will you recognize the Truth when you find it? How will you know that you have finally found the real thing? This book lays a foundation, a very solid foundation. It equips you for success. It prepares you to recognize what you came here to find. It provides you with a discerning eye and ear. And even after you have sought and asked and found, this book will continue to inspire you to close your eyes and appreciate that beauty within, every time you pick it up. “Be still and know that I am God.”

This book is a keeper. It is unique in its field. It does not compare and contrast religious personalities and organizations, dogmas and doctrines, rites and rituals, superstitions and belief systems. It does not treat God as a football, religion as a rah-rah-rah football team, and life as a competitive football game. It does not ask you to wait for a Heaven you go to after you die. It makes it clear that Heaven is within you and that it is your birthright to live in the Heaven in your heart, now. Knowledge quotes the foundational documents of various traditions and systematically unfolds a deep understanding in your mind that God is indeed in His Heaven and is indeed within you, and all that is lacking so far to be in that Heaven within is your attention.

Don’t just read Knowledge; live with it. Let the most important and beautiful words of the ages sink deeply into your heart. Become very clear about what you are looking for. Be hungry to know it. Find the prize. Go all the way to the ongoing inner divine experience that made the saints, sages, mystics and masters bow in sincere humility and sing and dance in their joy and gratitude.

Enjoy this book. Seek and find what is at the core of every tradition. It is your birthright.


I love your book!!!   It is right here on my desk and I read parts of it often!  And use many of the quotes on FaceBook. What a blessing it has been along the journey!  I’m so grateful that our paths crossed!!! – Deb

I’d love to get your book! Our daughter loves it! – Reverend CJ

I love having all these amazing quotes in one beautiful book. It’s a treasure chest of wisdom! – Rick Gsell

The Kingdom of God is within. I heard that my whole life and had no idea what ‘within’ meant. I even had a picture of Jesus on my refrigerator, His blue robe parted, serenely gazing, halo shining, and pointing at his flaming heart. I didn’t get it. I needed someone to help me sense the terrain of within. Through her own experience, supported by delicious scripture and poetry from many personalities, times and places, Patricia Robinett supports us to make our own connection to the divine, within. – Katie Jane Wennechuk Thomas, author of Making Divorce Work

What a marvelous contribution to the Sonship. Since I come from a Christian background I really appreciated revisiting some old friends (scriptures you used)in an extended light. Also the scriptures from other sources really point to the fact that God has been speaking at all times to those who choose to listen. Please let me know when you expect to release your next two volumes. Bless your day! – Scott Snider, International Business Analyst

Your book is filled with my favorite passages. It’s very inspiring and life-transforming. I felt truly expanded as I read it. Thank you for bringing this material together in such a creative way. It’s a wonderful compendium of the greatest life-affirming truths. Many blessings! – Marilyn Gordon, author of The Wise Mind

I am so blessed and so overwhelmed that I just had to call and let you know… I’ve been looking for this book for a million years — I’ve been looking for these words in one place. Your words and who you are just changed our lives for the better and i can’t thank you enough. – Kristi Stutt, Health Coach

This beautiful book captures the wisdom of the sages throughout time. It reminds us of who we are and helps us heal from the heartache of forgetting. Robinett’s masterpiece is a true gift to help humanity in a time of fear and struggle. This book is a treasure! — Barye Bluth, MS, Addiction Therapist

Well done Patricia, your message is profound! – Mike Hoffman, author of Dawn is Streaking Red : Patterns of Perception, Emotion and Language

This book will surely provide comfort to those who have been wounded by traditional religion… like a spiritual oasis in the desert. – Ava Rosenblum, Ph.D.

This is a book you will truly love. It will inspire you for years.

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Birth & Rebirth – Why Are We Here, Now?

Ancient birthing statue

We humans are usually born head first and even though we are most often caught in a pair of loving hands before our heads strike the ground, we are routinely stricken with a deep case of amnesia as soon as we reach the planet — or shortly thereafter. There is usually enough of a memory of our Source to keep us going for a few years, despite the delights of barbaric hospital births, primitive toys and condescending baby talk.

The adults who came before us forgot who they are too, so they cannot know who we are. Quickly we forget that we were made in the image and likeness of God and have traded infinite love for finite loneliness. It is rare for anyone on planet Earth to remember for very long. The ones who remember

We dive into a swirl of people, places and things, are thrown around like a Spanish dancer — this way and that — until we get to that place where we want to stop the world and get off. We have tired of feeling less than love and aliveness. We become determined to remember who we are, to sort out which voice inside our head is our friend or foe. We promise ourselves to turn our lives around to ground zero and reclaim our original identity, our dignity, and compassionate nature. After all, “God is love”, and it is our job to “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

It is my humble opinion that “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” might have been more accurately stated, “Ye are perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect”, for the same image and likeness that we were created in was, is and will always be, perfect. Pure light. Pure love. Spirit. That is what we are. It’s a true adventure to reclaim our heritage. The secret to our healing from our mistaken human identity is to rediscover, remember our original Identity.

Remembering is the first step, but intellectual understanding and one or two flashes of clarity are not enough to sustain us for long. Frequent reminding is essential because we tend to forget to remember. A lifetime of identifying with who and what we aren’t is not usually overcome in one instant, but practicing, bringing the instants closer together; our thoughts, behaviors and communications change for the better.

That is why I recommend knocking off big chunks of false identification with a few great counseling sessions or deeply transformative workshops, attending ongoing groups affiliated with your favorite church or being part of a Twelve-Step Program (AA, CoDA, ACoA).

Between times of becoming aware of, working with and releasing the big chunks of old fear and forgetfulness, we recommend staying in touch daily with our true nature by practicing feeling the feelings we love to feel. That’s what real healing is all about… releasing old fears (false evidence appearing real) and becoming accustomed to feeling peaceful, happy and content.

Here you will hopefully find helpful information, practical tools and inspiration regarding the nuts and bolts of real healing that will help you stay in touch with the love in your heart. There is something called Knowledge… Knowledge of the Soul or Knowledge of God, which helps us remember Who and What We Truly Are. Some find it to be the best gift of all, ever.