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All healing is essentially the release from fear.
A Course In Miracles

When we are hurt in any way, our minds either replay the event endlessly — over and over again — or they bury the memory. Either way, we get stuck in a current of unresolved pain. You could say that pain puts us in a trance which then runs (and ruins) our lives. My expertise is in the release of fear, the “un-doing” of pain, fear and trauma – in de-hypnosis. Carl Jung once wisely said,

Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

When we go through frightening situations, we tend to store the pain and fear. Animals give themselves time to rest and recoup after frightening experiences; they lie down and let it all go. Humans, on the other hand, usually just keep going and doing – faster and faster – and therefore do not truly let go of the hurt. On a physical level, accumulated trauma can look like headaches, diabetes, cancer and heart problems — or even a mysterious pain that can’t be diagnosed, located in the neck or back, hip, knee or ankles. On a mental, emotional level, past trauma can result in recurring thoughts, dreams, attitudes and behavior patterns that can affect your happiness and relationships.

You may have heard of a phenomenon called, “spontaneous remission”. Medical science cannot explain spontaneous remission, but I can. Once fear is released, disease disappears. Medical schools do not yet teach their students how to help patients achieve spontaneous remission, but it will be a huge step up for mankind when they do; there will be a lot less misery and a lot more joy in the world.

I am a clinical hypnotherapist (CHT) and crisis counselor, specializing in the release from fear, the healing of trauma. Unresolved trauma/fear affects your body, mind, spirit, work, relationships and play – your ability to function — it’s no fun!

  • Sick of being sick?
  • Tired of being tired?
  • Depressed?
  • Angry?
  • Anxious?

I can help. You can learn to…

  • Release fear, stress, tension, anxiety
  • Feel love, gratitude and joy again
  • Reclaim your health, energy, youth and beauty

Miracles happen!

Remember the line, “Physician, heal thyself”? I was a happy baby until I became a sickly child, a tired teen, and a depressed adult. In midlife, I got sick of being sick. I tossed out the memories — both conscious and unconscious — that hindered my energy, clarity and strength and returned to my original healthy, happy state. I am as energetic now as I ever was and due to what I learned during my transition from sickness to health and I help others who want to reclaim their happy, healthy selves.

You deserve that! It is your birthright. I can help you on every level: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. If you are willing to be well again, you will be!

Read the Testimonials page. I have worked with people in foreign countries and all over the U.S. in person, by phone, Skype and other online voice or video conferencing systems. If you can find a safe, private spot where you feel safe enough to close your eyes and breathe freely, we can work as if we are in my office — only you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting here.

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