DC therapist…

Patricia Robinett has been a Godsend in my life. I have known her for more than a dozen years. She and I live on opposite coasts of the US.

I had been suicidally depressed for several years, feeling as if there was no way out of my years of psychic pain. I felt as if I had tried everything. I did not want to go to a psychiatrist because I oppose the use of psychiatric drugs in most situations, and I did not think that route would help the causes of my problems.

Patricia has been my health and spiritual coach for years. She helped me through the deepest depression and spiritual crises I think any human being could ever know. From 3,000 miles away she worked with me online through emails and Skype, and even telephone calls. She helped me get at the root of my emotional pain, which was mainly in my beliefs, perceptions, memories (both conscious and unconscious), and even the way that I treat my body. She has used a multitude of techniques, including hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique, knowledge, self-talk, natural health, food as medicine, and these are only a few of her approaches. Patricia has also been my teacher in A Course in Miracles.

Whenever I am faced with what feels like a difficult time, Patricia is absolutely the first person I call on because I know she can help me get out of my darkness. I take no medication and I handle my health naturally. She helped me make the transition from being someone who was suicidally depressed on a daily basis to a person who feels “normal”, open and alive most days. I still have some down moments, for life does go on, but they don’t last as long; and most importantly, they are not nearly as severe. I know what to do to change things so that tomorrow, or even this afternoon, is a better experience. I have made the transition from being a person overwhelmed by fears and sadness to one who spreads happiness and support to other people. Patricia has been there for me every step of the way.

How can I impress upon potential clients enough that Patricia’s skills in coaching and guiding people through so many of life difficulties are incredibly beneficial? In fact, in recent years she helped me make it through 8 deaths in 2 1/2 years, and I made it through those times in a much better state of mind than I had experienced in my darkest days before that. Because of Patricia I see that I am not alone, I am life’s divine child, and so is everyone else.

If you are considering or seeking assistance for anything from the seemingly benign to even the most traumatic, try Patricia first. She is likely to be the last person you’ll use because she gets it right, right from the start. I owe Patricia my life. I am still here and so much healthier because of her. I have finally found me.

Musician in Nevada…

I have taken many courses and read about 250 books on self help/growth etc. Your personal attention has brought me a great deal of insight and relief from a number of physical, mental and emotional complaints. more.

I had felt under pressure for most my life… With your guidance I had some real success with a certain pressure I was feeling. It began to let up… more and more. it was a nice feeling to feel something else… no pressure. I know I still have a ways to go.

Your forgiveness process is a very powerful process. I know that if I get stuck, I can contact you. I always feel welcome when I call. You are a very warm soul.

The one thing that really impressed my in working with you is the full box of ‘tools’ you have to offer. Two other things that helped were when you advised me on diet, and instructed me in body techniques which are resolving a lifetime of tension in my neck and skull. You have a lifetime of wisdom to offer. The best part is, I never feel rushed in conference with you. You are truly present.

Student from Turkey…

Patricia was like a gift from God for me. I met her, when I was reading an article of hers about circumcision on the Internet. I wrote an e-mail and told her about my own story. She replied very kindly and our friendship began.

At that time, I was seeking help due to my childhood trauma, i.e. circumcision, which happened at age 5, a bit painfully — not the physical pain, but the powerlessness, loss of confidence and trust, namely the emotional effects that were devastating afterwards.

As we were at very distant places — she in the US and I in Turkey — we could meet only by video conferences. She was not like a counselor, rather like a very close friend, who understood me very well and felt really very sorry. She was the first person, with whom I could speak about the subject. She was the light of trust, love and empathy, helping me to reverse the bad feelings of the trauma. Imagine what a big heart she has.

Patricia… you are a gift to the world.

Minnesota Teacher…

Patricia has been an enormous healing force in my life on so many levels. Her nutritional expertise is exceptional. If you are feeling unwell, chances are, Patricia can improve your health through nutritional guidance.

She has been an A Course in Miracles student and teacher for many years and in her role as certified clinical hypnotherapist, she is expert at helping people shift from fear to peace. She uses a number of modalities to help create profound shifts in consciousness.

If this weren’t enough, as a student of the history of the ob/gyn medical industry in the US and cross-culturally, her advice was more helpful to me than a physician visit.

She is probably the best kept secret (except to those who know her) in the Pacific Northwest. I used to live in Eugene, however when I moved to the midwest, I began to consult with Patricia via email, Skype and telephone, and she has been just as effective. In short, Patricia Robinett is a powerful healer with many approaches in her tool bag.

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