Edward Snowden astrological chart

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Edward Joseph Snowden . June 21, 1983 . 4:42 AM . Elizabeth City, NC

MC trine Mars-NN-Sun trine Pluto-Saturn, opp Neptune – An undercover kind of soldier.

Jupiter conj Uranus, opp Mercury – Communicates explosive information

In 2013, he had a Saturn return… maturation, honesty, reality check time.

On or after July 4, 2013, he’ll have a Mars return. Will be interesting to see what happens then.

Jupiter is on his Sun right now – June 25, 2013… He is in the spotlight.

Transiting Neptune = Mercury/Jupiter-Uranus = Sun/Moon – Some wonder if it is possible he might be a spy/ counter spy/ double- triple-agent, agent provocateur, and so on.  Time will surely tell.  I prefer to think he is  a good citizen who got fed up with the corruption he was privy to.

This story blew open around his birthday when transiting Jupiter was conjunct his natal Mars-NorthNode.  He just couldn’t hold it in any longer!