She's in love with a book

Nothing Real can be threatened,
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

I am in love with a book. A romance addict for so many years, I have now finally settled down with a book –  A Course In Miracles. This book strokes my mind and my heart. It reminds me who I am and why I am here. It nurtures me. It keeps me honest. It holds my attention. It inspires me to move in the direction I want to go.

The first section of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) consists of a series of beautiful essays that revolve around the importance of distinguishing between what is temporary and what is permanent: between what is Real and unreal, what is Love and fear, what is Spirit and ego, what is Heaven and hell, what is Knowledge and perception, Divine and mundane.

Learning to discern the difference between Real and unreal helps us put the external world into proper perspective. It allows us to spend more time in our natural state of peace, love, and joy, feeling the love in our hearts.

The second part of the course is a workbook with 365 lessons. In 2009, I made a series of videos to help us all (myself included!) study the lessons. The videos are stored on YouTube and can be viewed here at ACIM Essentials. The lessons are posted nightly for the next day, in this order:  January 1 = Lesson 1, January 2 = Lesson 2, etc. You can sign up for daily reminders in two different ways at the Subscribe tab, above. If you are studying on a different schedule, please let me know when you sign up and I can make sure you get the correct lesson tomorrow.

A Course In Miracles is one of the most profound books I’ve ever read on the subject of healing and how to live a truly spiritual life on planet earth. Yet all that is accomplished without having to go to school, change your name, wear different clothing, join a “club”, speak a foreign language or change your religion. The course is down to earth, practical, and a literary work of art. It’s a “keeper”.

It has been my privilege and honor to have facilitated A Course In Miracles study groups for over twenty years, both in person and on the web. I now look forward to studying the lessons with you.

Some consider A Course In Miracles to be the “graduate level” to the Twelve-Step Program. ACIM makes immediate sense to those who are acquainted with the 12 steps.

If you would like to study ACIM together online or would like to engage in coaching or counseling based on the healing principles of A Course In Miracles, please go to the Contact tab, above. Let’s get together very soon.

I now recommend A Course in Miracles – Original Edition (the book with pearls on the cover at your right) as a first choice for purchase, or as a valuable addition to your current ACIM library. Original Edition is nearer the original dictation than any other version. It contains a lot of material that was omitted from what is considered to be the official edited version. Its language is easier to read.

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from A Course in Miracles as much as I do!

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