Purchase “The Rape of Innocence” ebook & paperback

The revised edition of my book, The Rape of Innocence: Female genital mutilation and circumcision in the USA (released May 2010) is now available as an ebook for the price you choose – and as a paperback at amazon.com.

See the special ebook offer and receive FREE ebook with your purchase of a paperback.

Ask your local library and bookstores to buy copies. Tell friends, family, doctors, nurses, physical therapists and psychoanalysts, parents. They have all been caught in a cruel meme, a socially transmitted practice detrimental to children, that sticks like glue to the adult he or she becomes.

It is the lingering trauma and programming that concerns me, and that should concern us all. Circumcision is a quality of life issue. It is a human right denied. Every child who is cut leaves not only with a physical scar, but with PTSD, a legacy of terror, a host of psychological scars that can last a lifetime.

Read the book. If you like it, please go back to amazon.com and leave a review.

Please join the movement to end this socially sanctioned abuse of children. In the Resources section at the back of the book are many organizations that will welcome your help.

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