Water & Salt – Cure Pain & Prevent Cancer

As an adult, I once fell ill and returned home for a few months. My mother came to my bedside one morning with two tall glasses of water.

“Here, drink these,” she said.  I did.  Then I hurried to the bathroom.

She had been reading a book about dehydration and she was convinced at that time, that I was dehydrated. I was and I kept drinking water. My health improved after that.

Perhaps this was the book she had read. She thought it was especially noteworthy because the book had come to her from her native country, England, even though its author hailed originally from Iran, Doctor Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D..

The salt aspect of health was something I had to research on my own. Full-spectrum salt contains all the minerals our body’s cells contain – and in the same proportions. Celtic salt is my salt of choice.

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