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The mind

Mental health can be very simple. You are not crazy; nobody is. Nothing is irrational once all the facts are known. Healing merely requires learning how — and then doing it. All dysfunction, explored, points to a common source: fear.

You have but two emotions: love and fear.
All healing is essentially the release from fear.

What is fear?

Fear is the stress, tension and tightness that grips us when we think we are in danger — we might feel angry, sorrowful, grief-stricken. In short, fear is everything we experience when we are not in the awareness of love’s presence. Fear is everything that is not Love. Fear distracts us from love. Fear is everything we’d rather ignore, but it seems to keep surfacing until we give it the attention it is calling for.

Perfect Love casts out fear.

Fear gets stuck in the subconscious, the body, where it feels like tension, tightness and pain. Here, we help you release fear.

What is love?

Love is what you are. The bible says that you were made “in the image and likeness of God”, that “God is spirit”, “God is light”, ”God is love” and “the Kingdom of God is within you.” Scientists would say M=E/C2, or “matter is energy in motion.” So in short, you were created in the image of spirit, love, light… pure energy… and nothing less. Love is your true nature.

”Looking for Love in all the wrong places” — looking for love in the outer world, in people, places and things — is stressful and ultimately serves to distract you from your immaculate, inborn nature. Returning your focus inside, you experience what has been there all along — wonder, power, peace, joy, love, ease, health.

What is healing?

Since, “All healing is essentially the release from fear”, then our purpose is to facilitate your release of fear and a speedy return to the state of love. Contrary to what you have been taught, healing is the real game on planet earth. Healing frees. You can do it; you can heal. Healing is inevitable.

What is a miracle?

A miracle is a shift in perception, in thought. When you shift out of fear into love, that is a miracle. Much like learning to ride a bike, shifting becomes easier with practice, until it is natural and automatic. The good news is…

Healing is always certain.
Shift happens!

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