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Milk kefir seeds

When you’ve used antibiotics or if your diet has included a lot of wheat, meat and sugar, you may need to restore the friendly bacteria in your intestines. Kefir is a powerhouse cultured probiotic drink you can make at home. It’s fun!

You can make milk kefir with milk kefir “grains” or water kefir with water kefir “grains”. Yogurt pales by comparison. People who love kefir, love it. Those who don’t, probably haven’t had really good kefir. Animals love it. There is also wonderful information on the Yemoos site about water kefir, kombucha and ginger beer.

This is their introduction to milk kefir:

  • What is milk kefir?
  • What other names does kefir go by?
  • How are kefir grains different to powder starter (such as Body Ecology’s products) or store-bought kefir?
  • What’s the difference between dried and fresh/live kefir grains?
  • What is the advantage of taking kefir instead of a probiotic supplement?
  • Why is kefir generally tolerated by the lactose intolerant?
  • Is Kefir a good option for those with Candida?
  • What strains of bacteria and yeast are found in kefir grains (and kefir itself)?
  • Can you make your own kefir grains or get kefir from just milk?
  • What milks or other liquids can you ferment with kefir grains?
  • What about raw milk?
  • Does Kefir contain alcohol?
  • What does milk kefir taste like?
  • What should kefir grains look like?
  • Are all kefir grains the same?
  • How long do active kefir grains last?
  • Do kefir grains need to be fed every day?
  • What other uses does milk kefir have?

Read more about these questions and much more at  Yemoos Nourishing Cultures | Milk Kefir FAQ.

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