Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

This video is an introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT seemed pretty silly to me when I first heard about it… but I grew into it. Once I understood how it worked, I was sold. EFT is a brilliant method to release fear and trauma.

The good thing was, even though I was sold, I couldn’t buy it — it has no price tag… unless you buy the CDs — and then you are permitted to make dozens copies to share with your friends. If you like to read, you can download the EFT manual free. If you prefer to watch, there are numerous videos on YouTube. This is Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD (a different Patricia from Auntie Patricia)… I like the way she explains it here…

EFT is a combination of acupressure, honest introspection, taking responsibility for your problem, self-forgiveness, and maybe some right-brain, left-brain integration. Mental, emotional, physical problems can be addressed. However, once you learn how to do EFT, you can use shortcuts to make it as simple as you wish. Sometimes just stating the problem in the format of “Even thought I have this…” ends the concern.

The essential elements are:

  • Determine the issue you want to work on and get a handle on it by using the words “Even thought I have this…” When you have something, you can let it go.
  • Release self-judgment and guilt by using the words “I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” You can also use “approve of myself” or “I choose to forgive myself” or any other terms that indicate respect and appreciation.
  • Tapping on the acupressure points helps to release tensions from the inner organs.
  • Repeat the process until you can go through an entire round breathing freely. That is how you will know that you have really released your issue.

For more understanding, I appreciate this young man who calls himself Magnus Tapping…

Children love EFT. Brad Yates and his daughter demonstrate EFT for children…

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