Who is Auntie Patricia?

Observation constitutes the foundation of every science.
Charles Sanders Pierce

Auntie Patricia is a detective, a scientist, a lady who wears many hats. She has delved deeply into several areas of life because something in her loves to solve mysteries … Who are we?… What are we? … What makes us tick? … Why are we the way we are? … Why are things the way they are? … What is the point of life? … Is there a purpose?

Well, since Auntie Patricia is writing this, she might as well write in the first person…

In my work as a clinical hypnotherapist, I do not hypnotize people, since most or all of us are already living in a deep trance of fear and forgetfulness; rather, I de-hypnotize people. I wake them up from their walking trances. And in the same way, I de-hypnotize myself daily, moment by moment as circumstances arise that distract me from my peace of mind.

In regression therapy, I’ve facilitated many past life memories, which miraculously facilitate the gentle release of ancient fear, hatred, anger, grief, boredom and trauma, always in the interest of reclaiming the peace and joy that are our natural inheritance.

All healing is essentially the release from fear.
To heal is to make happy.
A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles is one of my favorite books because it talks extensively about healing and leads us to Knowledge, which is a direct experience of who and what you truly are. Are you a vulnerable physical body, personality and history? Or are you indestructible pure energy, spirit, life? Belief is not enough. We must know, because that is where uncertainty ends. In the ACIM Teacher’s Manual it says:

A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is this experience toward which the course is directed. Here alone consistency becomes possible because here alone uncertainty ends.

That beautiful universal experience is called Knowledge. My book Knowledge, The Essence of World Scriptures is a collection of quotes from around the world and through the ages that motivated me to seek until I received Knowledge. This book is also an inspiration to anyone else wanting the same. And after they receive Knowledge, the quotes in this book will inspire them to savor it.

ACIM and Knowledge helped me stay peaceful when I discovered that I’d been circumcised as a little girl. I wrote about that journey of discovery in my book The Rape of Innocence, Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision in the USA. I am deeply grateful to the course for its information on healing and to Knowledge for its comfort.

Auntie Patricia is also a healing coach. Oops!… back to first person…

I coach friends and clients to release trauma and find peace of mind, to lose excess weight and to let go of substances they are allergic or addicted to. My work is to make it easier for people like you to move away from self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, toward happier, healthier ways of being.

I feel grateful when I can help even one person. If I can be of service, please let me know. Your happiness blesses me too. If you’d like to make an online “face-to-face” appointment, you can write to me from the Contact page.

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