Love & Fear

All healing is essentially the release from fear.

To make our healing work very simple, it helps to think of the light switch on the wall that is either on or off. If we agree to call our inner emotional states by two terms, either love or fear, then our progress will be rapid.

Just as one is never just a “little” pregnant — you are also neither a “little” in love or fear. You are either relaxed and happy and aware of love — or not. You could think of the inner human state simply as, “love on” or “love off” — and we call “love off”, for want of a better term, fear.

Love has many faces: joy, happiness, kindness, tolerance, compassion, affection, devotion, peace, relaxation, ease, and so on. You can tell when you are in the state of love because you will smile an inner smile and your breath will come easily, fully, freely and deeply.

Love is a state of comfort and ease. When you know that you are able to choose between love and fear — and you learn how — you will always choose love. Love is your natural state and your natural preference. The experience of pure love is the highest high. We strive for it in all we do.

Fear too has many names: anger, hatred, sorrow, grief, depression, terror, trauma, anxiety, stress, guilt, illness, and so on. You could say that fear is everything love is not. You can tell when you are in the state of fear because you will hold your breath, sigh, or your breath will be short, shallow and labored.

Fear creates tensions in the body. When those tensions get stuck, you are in a state of discomfort and disease. When you are tied up in knots, you tend to become naughty. When the knots are released, you return to your natural state — you radiate joy and health.

And those two emotions or states of being — love or fear — lead to one of two conditions. Different thought systems refer to two these states as:

  • health or sickness
  • happiness or unhappiness
  • peace or distress
  • light or dark
  • expansion or contraction
  • heaven or hell
  • relaxation or stress
  • ease or dis-ease
  • wellness or illness

You can probably think of even more.

Of course, in the bible it says quite clearly that God is love and that Perfect love casts out all fear. Love is your basic nature. You were made in the image and likeness of God and God is unconditional, eternal, infinite, endless love. Therefore, so are you. Love is what you are.

You have been temporarily distracted from your natural state and you merely need to know how to get back to your original, natural condition. Read the quotes in the above paragraph again.

Pleasant, peaceful bodily sensations mirror to you that your thoughts are in synch with love, your true nature. When your mind is at ease, the body moves gracefully, all the systems flow, and you are blessed with health.

Unpleasant feelings such as pain and tension tell you that your thoughts are out of synch with your nature, that you are in a state of fear. And there are shades of fear .. suspicion, anxiety or horror .. sorrow, depression or grief .. irritation, anger or rage. When your mind is entertaining thoughts of fear, muscles contract, the body moves erratically, and dis-ease occurs.

Chronic thoughts and feelings become etched on your body – inside and out. So even if you conquer a physical symptom, if if you do not release the emotional cause of the symptom, it may recur.

This is our wish for you — total health and happiness, now and always. Learn with us. Master a few simple healing tools and all those blessings are guaranteed to you. If you have not yet joined our Community, please do so now and begin the move from fear to love.

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