“All healing is essentially the release from fear.” — A Course In Miracles

My expertise is in the un-doing of trauma, the release from fear, de-hypnosis. The mundane mind is inclined to think of us as limited, finite creatures made of vulnerable bodies, personalities and histories. Our divine nature is usually not reinforced by our families, schools, or even spiritual communities.

When we are faced with fearful situations, we store that fear until we release it. Animals give themselves time to rest and recoup after frightening experiences — humans just keep going and doing and rarely truly let go of trauma. When accumulated, trauma turns into grievous ailments and unfortunate recurring thoughts, dreams, attitudes and behavior patterns.

If the idea of having expert help releasing fear, stress, tension, trauma appeals to you, please contact me.

I am a clinical hypnotherapist (CHT) and crisis counselor, specializing in transpersonal hypnotherapy and the healing of trauma.

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