Going at it backwards

David Morelli of EverythingIsEnergy.com put up some videos for the free intuition class he is offering in May and his talks gave me some insight into the ‘backwards’ method of developing a service/ business. I can hardly wait to listen to his upcoming talks. His new website for the intuition classes is at enWAKEN.com.

David’s talk reminded me of my own backwards intuitive “non-planning”, which occurred after Christmas 2008 and before Jan 1 2009, when I suddenly decided to make videos of the 365 A Course In Miracles workbook lessons for the dear members of my ACIM email list, to enhance their study… now they would have not only the words from the lessons but they would also have a video!

Hahahaha…. The only catch was — I had never made a video before. This gave me three days to learn how.

So I studied up real quick, thanks to a little help from the expert teachers at lynda.com! What a wonderful service that is! Here’s a free 24 hour trial subscription to lynda.com.

Then I bought a domain name and signed up for the ACIM Essentials channel at YouTube at 5:30 pm on December 30. The next day, I managed to upload video 1 of Lesson 1 before midnight and announced it to my ACIM mailing list.

After practicing this art form for a year, by the end of 2009, I had uploaded more than 380 videos to the ACIMessentials channel at YouTube. Now that was a miracle! I still shake my head when I think of it… I can’t believe it happened. Each video was made and uploaded on time. T’was grace that got me through that year.

In November 2009, I also managed to finalize the book Knowledge: The Essence of World Scriptures. It’s available at amazon.com and at Createspace.

Now that I am making this blog/website, I can finally admit to myself that, despite my rather intensive “humility training”, I am a valuable resource.

Now I just need a miracle to get this big wheel moving — and given all the grace that has moved me so far, I can’t imagine it won’t come.  When something as simple and basic as the wheel can be seen differently (go here to watch a video of an amazing new wheel invention by Honda), I suspect I’ll soon get a whisper of an idea that will revolutionize healing,

In fact, today I was at Borders Bookstore, perusing a book by Peggy McColl called Viral Explosions, to learn how to market my book (more backwards engineering!) and the man sitting next to me was reading a big pile of books that revolved around the subject of how to find God.

As I left, I boldly mentioned to him that he might like to read my book, Knowledge, The Essence of World Scriptures. Due to my own experience with the subject, it was my absolute pleasure to assure him that yes indeed, whoever seeks, finds.

I think we each felt the universe had answered our prayers.

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