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Sick of being sick?

“The sage is never sick because he is sick of being sick.”
~ Tao te Ching

“Haven’t got time for the pain”
~ Carly Simon

Tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit.
Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly,
that there must be a better way.
As this recognition becomes more firmly established,
it becomes a turning point.
This ultimately reawakens spiritual vision,
simultaneously weakening the investment in physical sight.
The alternating investment in the two levels of perception
is usually experienced as conflict,
which can become very acute.
But the outcome is as certain as God.

Is Healing Certain?
Healing is always certain.

~ A Course In Miracles

Spirit is the healer

Some say spirit is the healer and they are right. But what does that really mean? Is the spirit that heals an amorphous being, a specter, phantom, apparition or halloween spook? If so, then why are we afraid of ghosts? But no, the spirit that heals is far more than that — and far more readily available to all.

The word spirit comes from the Latin noun spiritus, which means breath and from the Latin verb spirare, which means to breathe.

Spirit is the breath that breathes you. Spirit is the life that lives you. Spirit is the motion that moves you. Spirit is always there — filling you from within you holding you all around, about. There is nowhere spirit is not. You are never alone. Every breath you take is a gift of love.

God breathed life into Adam and God breathes life into you every moment of every day and all night through. Breathing freely, fully and deeply is your natural condition.

When you are afraid, your breath becomes quick and shallow — you hold your breath. In essence, when you are afraid and hold your breath, you are saying No! to life. At that point, tensions get stuck in your body. When you recall the point at which you held your breath and then you breathe again, the dis-ease, fear and tension are released. Ease is restored and you are truly alive again.

And that is why they say, Spirit is the healer.