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Why so many fires in January 2018?

Fires here, there and everywhere this month.  Why?  It’s simple, my dear Watson. See all the planets at 18 degrees?  This was the time of the Trump Towers fire, but the planets are not all that fast moving…  Mars and Jupiter (lots of fire), Venus, Sun and Pluto (MAJOR incineration).  And you could also count the midpoint of Nep/Chiron and moon/Uranus for a midpoint configuration that looks like this:

Venus-Sun-Pluto = Mars-Jupiter / Neptune-Chiron / Moon-Uranus

See the planets (and midpoints) that point on the Ve-Su-Pl group? Please add your observations. There might be lots of babies born in the autumn, as this is also a very ‘hot’ chart for romance.

fires january 2018

Edward Snowden astrological chart

Click on chart below to go directly to a larger size chart. Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden . June 21, 1983 . 4:42 AM . Elizabeth City, NC

MC trine Mars-NN-Sun trine Pluto-Saturn, opp Neptune – An undercover kind of soldier.

Jupiter conj Uranus, opp Mercury – Communicates explosive information

In 2013, he had a Saturn return… maturation, honesty, reality check time.

On or after July 4, 2013, he’ll have a Mars return. Will be interesting to see what happens then.

Jupiter is on his Sun right now – June 25, 2013… He is in the spotlight.

Transiting Neptune = Mercury/Jupiter-Uranus = Sun/Moon – Some wonder if it is possible he might be a spy/ counter spy/ double- triple-agent, agent provocateur, and so on.  Time will surely tell.  I prefer to think he is  a good citizen who got fed up with the corruption he was privy to.

This story blew open around his birthday when transiting Jupiter was conjunct his natal Mars-NorthNode.  He just couldn’t hold it in any longer!

Hot time in the old town tonight chart may 6 2010Oh, my! I am intrigued by the amazing astrological configuration that is occurring right now. The chart to the left is provided by the kindness of www.Astro.comClick on the chart to see it full size in a new window.  Three “outer” planets are at 28-29 degrees… three “heavy” planets.

Saturn at 28 Virgo is opposite Uranus at 29 Pisces. Neptune at 28 Aquarius is 30 degrees from Uranus and 150 degrees from Saturn. Since my own Ascendant, Descendant and Midheaven are at 28.5 of Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo, I feel like a tuning fork on steroids.

If you’d like to know how this amazingly intense configuration is affecting your personal chart, what it is triggering in your life, and the highest and best possible ways to use this powerful energy, then…

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